[Red Hood and the Outlaws 7]

Did anyone else cringe when they read these panels? Jason’s unwilling to execute a guy who was going around murdering aliens and almost killed Kory because he’s not technically a criminal in the eyes of outdated Earth laws (which do not recognize aliens as people or citizens). "He wasn’t going to go to jail" so apparently he’s therefore not a candidate for Outlaws-style justice.

I just.



Is this not the exact opposite of Jason’s usual mentality? Isn’t a large part of his raison d’etre as a vigilante to personally take out evildoers because the criminal justice system is, in his opinion, inadequate? In what universe is Jason only willing to take out people who would otherwise be “going to jail”?


Then I remember oh, it’s Lobdell and go back to laughing with salad. Alone and through my tears. Felipe Garzonas is probably over here, too.

(Also, these panels are an excellent example of really poor storytelling. Jason doesn’t seem to be talking at and trying to convince Kory of this nonsensical sequence of actions as much as he is the audience. It’s like accidentally breaking the fourth wall in the worst way.)

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    Yep, I don’t understand why he wouldn’t kill an alien, he is an outlaw, he has no law.
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