lunaexclamationpoint: This reminds me. Didn't they almost decided to kill of Dick once?

Yes they did! DIDIOOOOOOOOOO *shakes fist*

Basically, Dan DiDio wanted to kill Dick off back in 2005 in Infinite Crisis, but decided against it. His reasons were really bad. Like apparently he wanted to boost sales by having a ~big dramatic event~ that would ruin Bruce’s life, but also it was mainly just because he doesn’t “get” Nightwing.

Like when people talk about him not liking certain characters and that’s why they get killed off or don’t show up… the’re not just being hyperbolic or petty. Petty personal shit like that actually sometimes ends up being the total reason for a character’s destruction by editorial.

And basically everyone else was like lol no that is a terrible idea why would you even, no. So Dick lived to see another day.

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  1. bucketbuckets said: and they killed kon instead :y
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