lunaexclamationpoint: Cornflake I am really upset with you because I just got around to looking at the 'when somebody loved me' thing and you know what I just read the article containing the spoiler for Batman Inc and I was already really upset and now I think I'm gonna cry

shh no tears, only dreams now

*hugs you and anyone else who needs one right now*

everyone come here, come cuddle

4 1 year ago

  1. omegabones said: *Leaps into your arms too* I wish to join this cuddling. I think most everyone does after that stupid news article.
  2. varevare said: whenever I see that post I feel like punching something you are the meanest *sobs all over your shoulder*
  3. oz-xiii said: /cuddles because your edits make me sad. you need to open some kind of comfort clinic after those edits. you’d make millions.
  4. lulubees said: *belly flops onto the cuddle pile*
  5. cornflakepizza posted this
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