"I have a gift for you, my little Prince."

OMG, runawaygirlnamedcain sent me more art from our yet-to-be-written Medieval/Renaissance AU. *o*

So here we have Sir Bruce presenting Prince Damian with a baby Titus puppy!

Bruce’s family raises hounds and his favorite (female!) dog, Ace, just gave birth. Later on, when they’re all chilling at Court/Ra’s manor, Bruce will bring Ace with him and she and Titus will hang out together in front of the fireplace and it will be sweet and lovely.

Damian is not officially acknowledged as Bruce’s son (because seriously, if you question who the Queen has been taking into her bedchambers, you’re going to be sorry) but Bruce has a quite a bit of affection for him and Damian basically idolizes him. (“Look mama, I’m a knight!”)

Okay, can I just take a moment to squeal over how sexy Bruce looks here? Like…wow. Lemme just lick up on you. Everywhere.

And Damian’s face oh my gosh. This is all happening in the context of Damian practically idolizing this man who he only sees at Court and wow I just, I’m cry.

Ren is a genius and makes me make odd noises at my computer screen in response to her perfect art. *bows*

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