It really bugs me when people get mad at bisexual people for not identifying as pansexual or omnisexual or skoliosexual.


Here, let me bold this for you:

Fuck you for policing people’s desires.

People don’t owe you a fucking thing just because you’re upset that maybe they don’t want to jump on your dick.

Why is it okay for people to talk about bisexuals like this and blame them for their preferences?

Answer: Biphobia is socially sanctioned, and queer people are often the main offenders.

I’m not going to jump on someone who says “i’m attracted to androgynous people” because I’m not androgynous and have a feminine presentation.

I don’t get upset when someone says “I’m attracted to masculine-of-center people”.

If you use language about “trusting [bisexuals] less” you are being oppressive and I am going to side eye the shit out of you.

That is the exact same oppressive language that bisexual people face from everyone, straight and queer.

You are not a special snowflake.

You are replicating patterns of oppression that say that bisexuals are scary, not to be trusted, dangerous, fake, liars.

I know someone’s going to jump on me and say “oh, they’re just talking from their personal experience, that’s just their personal feelings”, etc.

Just because they are your “personal” feelings doesn’t make them any less oppressive.

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  9. christinefuckingchapel said: thank you. it took me a full year of questioning to admit that i liked women start identifying as bi and i still haven’t fully gotten the courage to come out to anyone offline, and even doing that much has been a huge step for me.
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