title: a walk down memory alley

pairing: Bruce Wayne & Jason Todd

rating: general audiences 

word count: 2.932

summary: Bruce encounters a strange fog while on his yearly rounds of Crime Alley. It deposits him on the same place, but at a different time.

characters: Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd

warnings: time travel, mentions of Jason’s death

a little more doom and gloom than my usual, but i think that’s how it’s like in Bruce’s head

EDIT: without me realizing it at first, this fills another one of my ‘prompts’ (this time from this post), so i’m using it. the original is: reincarnation or time loop or OOOOH TIME TRAVEL SCENARIOS


Crime Alley is empty of people and action, criminal or otherwise. It always is, in this night. The residents prepare for it just as much as Bruce does, and hide behind closed doors, safe from that terrifying urban legend that has a pesky way of becoming real when you’re doing something you shouldn’t.

If Bruce were reasonable about this, he wouldn’t come at all. No hope of stopping any crime when no one is willing to come out and commit one, and the work he could be doing somewhere else is impaired. If he were reasonable, he would come by surprise, some other day, catch them when they’re not expecting.

But it’s the anniversary of their deaths.

He’s not reasonable.

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life goal: push face into all cats ears

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when someone associates you with a character you really really love it’s like the best feeling in the world everyone go home

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clichelover replied to your post: “oh my god i can’t stop coughing and i just stepped on my wacom tablet”:

oh gosh, hope you’re ok!

I’m fine now, just some residual tiredness that feels like it’s related. Thank you bby :) smuch

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Talia homage! For Tosha UuU




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this cat lives in a show horse barn which is why it walks and runs that way

to my utter delight translating the russian on this video gives us “In Barton Kuznetsova even cats trained dressage horse” and the heading says it’s a farm and her other video is of riders SO YES IT DOES APPEAR TO BE MIMIKING DRESSAGE HORSES

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i get ridiculously offended when ppl say they have a “dog like cat” lmao

Anonymous: is tommy tim drake? im sorry im new to comics and im having a hard time keeping up with the new 52 timeline

Tommy = Tommy Elliot = Hush = villain with bandages on his face :)

here is a brief summary :)

tiny brujay by i-eat-popstars-for-breakfast