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look at this dumb face tho

T-Boz, Estelle, Esperanza, Monica, and Kimbra featured in Janelle Monáe’s new music video "Electric Lady"

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Favorite Male Characters {4/5}
     ↳ Conner Kent / Superboy

"Are we going to have a moral at the end of every adventure?”


(by marion1967)

Anonymous: Why so much Brujay recently? I like your BruDick and Robinpiles.


That’s quite rude, Anon. I enjoy many many different ships. Dick is one of my favourites to write, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to take a starring role in everything. Besides, two stories and a few headcanons shared with me and posted doesn’t equal ‘so much.’ Just because you don’t like the ship doesn’t mean others don’t.

Tch. Such bad manners.

what the FUCK is with this trend of brudick shippers sending other brudick writers anon hate. this is the fourth sixth time i’ve seen this happen to one of my friends or follows, and it’s like ????? ?????????

saddest thing is that they think they’re being anonymous and sneaky, when half of us use anon trackers and the other half can tell with almost complete certainty who the anons are based on people’s blogs and private information/intimate knowledge of people’s habits, insecurities, and writing styles/gossip from the numerous other people you’ve managed to alienate. so it’s like ?? on the one hand, i’m like stop fucking being mean to people you pathetic cowards, literally what the fuck is WRONG with you, but on the other hand, keep it up :) all it ever does is make us even less likely to keep writing and sharing brudick fanworks publicly. which is pretty much the opposite of what you wanted, right? great work chums :)

Prompt Fill: A Taste of Earth


Summary: Queen Koriand’r spends time with her consort, Roy Harper and their servant, Jason Todd.
Characters: Koriand’r, Roy Harper, Jason Todd
Note: Everyone is of age, Everything is consensual
Pairings: Outlaw Trio, KoriRoyJay
Kinks: Roleplay, blowjob, cunnilingus, collar, D/s, bottom!jason, threesome
For: tamirthegreat

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Batman x Red hood


lainexox replied to your post: blackbarbaragordon said:what happ…

For a second I thought you were talking about the actual glowcloud from Welcome to Night Vale, and I was really suprised you had such high standards for a sentient glowing cloud that randomly drops animal carcasses…

oh no, from what i can tell the wtnv people would despise this worthless shitheap

tiny brujay by i-eat-popstars-for-breakfast